Let's create some certainty as we roll into the 2022 market.

How? By understanding trends AND looking at what experts in the field have to say. Speculating there will be a crash based on wishful thinking so you can buy low--not a strategy for certainty.

Inventory is the biggest driver for 2022. Mortgage rates, inflation & COVID will have an effect, but available homes to purchase is down 27% nationwide, $23% in Montana.

Demand for showings did not taper off during the holidays. Activity tracking from Showing Time did not lag the way it typically does. Buyers are pressing on.

Equity use by homeowners has seen a big shift. In the past, owners proudly paid down mortgage to get debt free. Now, homeowners are thinking more like investors, considering how to use equity growth. How? Buying a second home, short-term rental, helping a family member. With an average national gain of 57%, with 68% in, there's a lot of options to maximize the use of your equity. Remember, equity is *air* until it is accessed. Equity is useless you utilize it.

Determine current equity: Market value - loans on home = your equity.

Forbearances are below 1 mil as of Dec 21. It was at 2.76 mil in Dec 20, and 4.76 mil in May of 20. Maiclaire BoltonSmith with Corelogic says we may see a slight uptick, but delinquency is trending very low. Numbers just aren't there like before during the last housing crisis. Soooo, waiting for a crash or downturn is not solid strategy.