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How do most people find their agent? 


They ask a friend.  They ask a coworker.  They use the (sometimes mediocre) agent they used before.  Why?

Simply put, it's A PAIN to find an agent, let alone a good one.  And one that suits your business and personal style, gets you and your goals, and has your best interests in mind. 

That's a lot.

Years ago I started getting requests to connect friends and colleagues with agents in their area.  I. Was. Thrilled. 

The chance to do a deep dive using what I'd learned about how agents do business, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and connect them with like-minded peeps for a better real estate experience?  Count me IN.

I'd like to help you achieve the same success. I'll do the heavy lifting, match you with an agent and track the process from introduction through closing to make sure you're getting the service you deserve.

Buying and selling a property is a BIG DEAL.  Your agent should be a great fit for you, no exceptions.

Let's get started.

Page is a terrific communicator! We asked for a referral for an agent on the other side of the country to handle a condo sale. Page responded quickly with several options that she had carefully researched and ranked in order of her preference.

We closed quickly and effortlessly and Page followed up throughout the entire process to make sure we were receiving the best service from the agent she referred.

--Blair H, Seller in Massachusetts


"You were the BEST to work with! You kept me updated continuously and completely *exceeded* our clients' expectations! They are so excited to now start their next home search here in Northern VA. Best to you!!"

     --Carrie Pellegrino, Referring Agent

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