Here are parts of the emails I sent out last month, turning down two listings:

Exhibit A: The easier one. The sellers were pushing to list considerably higher than my recommendations and comparative data. Kept meeting with me to ask me to “test the market:” I put a value on my time and energy, and knew I couldn’t do my best work under the circumstances.

#1 listing not taken.

Exhibit B: The harder one. A listing that was terminated due to poor performance and false promises from another agent (sellers words not mine) set unrealistic expecations that couldn’t be overcome. Now, I love me a good challenge. I can whip a rough and tumble property into slick shape in no time. But, even with a straight talkin’ meeting from the get-go, my numbers and approach to prepare for listing were waayy off kilter from the sellers. I (again) knew I couldn’t do my best work if there wasn’t trust in my process. Instead of flat out turning down the listing, I followed up with promised data (property attributes & challenges punchlist, net sheets AND my list price recommendation.

I did my job by being upfront and honest, and knew theywouldn’t choose me as a result. But I followed through with the information I promised. More complicated, but a necessary choice to turn away from this one.

#2 listing not taken.

This isn’t easy stuff. Turning down a listing could potentially *HURT* my business budget. I don’t take this lightly, and that’s exactly the point.

I'm proud of the fact that I have business values, and make it a priority to ensure I'm a good fit for working you.  If I don't do that, I'm doing you a disservice as well.  You deserve to work with an agent that's a great fit for you.  If it's not me, I'll match you with someone I think would be a good match.


This is one way of many that I help you prepare for a successful sale.


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