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We’ve seen interest rates back off of the 6% rate mark that started climbing back in June, and is currently hovering around the 4.8% mark...pretty nice. This has caused some fatigued buyers to peek out from behind the curtain recently, because maybe, just maybe they can make something happen soon.

For sellers, the reality that those sky high multiple offer situations are a thing of the past is starting to hit home.  We are still pacing at equity growth of 8.6% over this time last year (you heard it here first in last week's report) which is well above historical levels. 

Experts are projecting mortgage rates will be more or less holding steady for the next four quarters/year. somewhere between 4.97-5.33 according to Fannie, Freedie, MBA and NAR.  This could be a result of inflation getting under control.

Where are prices going?  That's the number one question I'm getting right now.  Well, seven industry leaders are forecasting average 10.3% apprecation nationwide. Why is that?  Buyer demand has softened, but we still have more buyers looking than homes available.  Buyer demand outpaces homes available, which is a supply and demand issue.
This isn't to say there won't be some declines in certain markets across the country, but Mark Zandi Chief Economist from Moody's Analytics states he doesn't believe national housing prices will decline in a meaningul way.
To recap: In Bozeman we are up 8.5% from July of last year, Belgrade is 7% up, Three Forks 12% and Livingston is up 63.4%. The takeaway:  I wouldn't recommend waiting for a crash, especially if this has been your plan for the last 2-4 years, as most indicators show it probably will not happen.

Base your decisions on facts instead of fear. This will help you make the best choice for your individual goals. Reach out to me and we can see where your plans fit into the current market conditions!