Buyers shop for homes using logic and buy a home using emotion.

If you've ever purchased a home before, heck if you've even gone house shopping and not bought one, you know the drill:

Funny smells, strange 70's furniture, knick-knacks everywhere.  Walking into a home and being able to easily and quickly visualize it as your own can make the difference between a  home sitting on the market, and selling fast.  Why?

Most buyers cannot visualize themselves in someone else's home.

Enter home staging.  This can range from a one-time consultation to a staging report with room-by-room suggestions for clearing the clutter and rearranging your own furnishings to complete whole home staging with rented furniture.  Think back to the last time you moved.   The extra boxes full of sweaters and papers and other items that you couldn't go through because you ran out of time and you. just. wanted. to. move.

All of the stuff sticks out like a sore thumb before the move, unless you bring some staging to the table.

Here's a post I wrote on home staging earlier this year with two quick tips to get started.

My professional staging services include

  •    One-time consultations with mini pdf to-do list report
  •    Staging services using your furnishings or not
  •    Partial or whole home staging services inside and out
  •    Selection and delivery of furnishings
  •    Delivery, set-up and layout of furnishings & accessories
  •    Maintenance of furnishings throughout the staging period
  •    Open house fluff and buff services
  •    Dismantling and removal of furnishings at end of staging term

Staging services are available for as little as one month up until the property rents or sells.

I’m an experienced  real estate agent and designer with a clear understanding of space planning, interior and landscape design, and construction costs and methods.  Let’s talk.