Location:  Bozeman Montana

Beds/Baths: 4 bedroom 2 bath

Square Footage:  3,124

Project Description:  Young, active family with three dogs and two cats that have 24-hour indoor/outdoor access to home.  This property has stunning views, lots of sunlight and multiple levels.  Some rooms have been updated, new paint throughout makes it feel comfortable and welcoming.

Goal:  Create an upscale, livable country home that feels move-in ready for our target demographic, while utilizing sturdy staging furniture and accessories that can tolerate pets between showings.

Living Room:

Before:  Comfortable for people and pets!

After: Open and spacious


Kitchen and Dining Rooms:

Before: Your basic kitchen/dining combo room

After: Angles and professional staging and photos make all the difference

Before:  Everyday kitchen living looks just like this in most homes

After:  What a buyer wants to see online



Before: Typical family mud room

After:  Easy to visualize living here and using this space


Empty Spare Bedroom:

Before: Unused spare bedroom

 Before: Instant bed gives the room a use and feeling of comfort


Master Bath:

Before: Master bath

After: Lighter shower curtain, fresh towels and a pop of color


Family Room/Den:

Before: Basement family room

After: Moving furniture and changing the angle puts you right inside the space


Same house, staged.  Big difference right?  Staging is different from interior design.  Stagers and interior designers follow similar design principles, but their goals are completely different. The interior decorator works to make a home reflect the taste and lifestyle of the current owner, but a stagers primary purpose is to quickly transform a home so it appeals to potential buyers online.  Two different goals. 


From one of our recent clients:

“My idea of “staging” a house by a realtor was simple:  The realtor suggests, “Your place looks like crap, and I’m here to fix it up with my superior taste”.  Then along came Page Huyette whose first step in HER idea of staging was, “I won’t do anything you are not comfortable with.”  This suited me fine because I wasn’t comfortable with any of it.  

Soon, however, I realized that Page and I were operating at cross purposes.  She was trying to sell my large house, while I was trying to get ready to move into a house half its size.  I had been assiduously emptying whole rooms of furniture in my zeal to downsize.  Page pointed out the empty, forlorn rooms and suggested that it might be hard for a potential buyer to “see themselves” in such a setting.  Ok, ok! Go ahead and “stage”, Page!  Within hours, Page had supplied a minimum number of domestic items to create inviting spaces where there had been emptiness.  

Further, I had a bedroom where I was loathe to change ANYTHING because my son, as a child, had “decorated” the room.  Now this was a delicate problem for Page: what to do in a room the seller was treating, irrationally, as sacrosanct. Here’s what she did: she threw a wildly handsome bedspread over the bed which caused the room to POP!  Even the girl who vacuumed the house was heard to say, “Wow!” upon entering the room.  

To say that I now have a very different idea of what it means to “stage" is an understatement.  Page can “upstage" me any time.  And...I have ordered for our new, much smaller house, that very same handsome bedspread for the guest room!”

--Sarah Leinen, Bozeman MT


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