When you decide to list your home for sale, the term "staging" will come up during conversations. A good agent should be able to help you make some crucial changes to help show your home in its best light without completely turning your lifestyle upside down (Hint:  Taking 5 minutes after your meeting to shoot your home with an iPhone is not what I'm talking about).

Here are two ways to keep it simple and stress-free for you, dear seller:

1. Ask for images or visual examples that show what you should be going for to achieve a clean, simple space. Not everyone has a designer's eye, so your agent should be able to help guide you in making clear decisions without getting overwhelmed with the process of decluttering.

2.  One spot at a time.  If you have a busy household and don't have time to chase kids and pets around making sure they keep things tidy, focus instead on organizing a bookshelf.  Start from the bottom with heavier items (like books) and as you move up, create groupings of objects in chunks.  This makes it easier for the eye to take in things and is less distracting than small pieces spread out all over.  Another idea:  group books and items of similar color together.

3.  Update your light fixtures.  This is one way buyers can quickly asses whether you've been maintaining your home, and whether or not the interior and exterior have kept up with the times.  No one (except an experienced investor buying on the cheap) wants an outdated property.

Want more ideas?  I'm an experienced  real estate agent and designer with a clear understanding of space planning, construction and city/county agencies.  Let's talk.  I look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and trust.

 Representing Buyers, Sellers and Investors in Montana 

Page Huyette, Real Estate Sales Associate
Montana Good Life Properties, Small Dog Realty